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  • We ask that all participants who test positive for COVID within 7 days of coming to camp and/or have a fever, congestion, achiness, or other active symptoms of illness on the day camp begins stay home for the period recommended by the CDC and/or until the symptoms cease. Those who take a COVID test prior to coming to camp and test positive for COVID can shift to a week of camp later in the summer at no additional cost or can opt to receive a refund minus a $50 administrative fee.
  • As part of our normal registration process, the temperatures of all campers will be taken and those with fevers or high temperatures will not be permitted to attend camp for their own health and the health of the camp community. If they do not test positive for COVID when they return home, they may be permitted to come to camp when their high temperatures and symptoms of illness cease.
  • Campers, volunteers, and staff will only be required to wear masks if they or someone in their immediate cabin group or work area develop symptoms. In that case, the cabin group or work area participants will wear masks whenever they are in close proximity to other groups or persons until COVID test results are determined for the person(s) showing symptoms.
  • If a camper contracts COVID, the parents will be contacted to pick up the camper to be transported home. If this happens the first half of the week, there will be a 50% refund. There will not be a refund if it happens later in the week. The remaining campers in that cabin group who do not test positive will continue to wear masks when they are in close proximity to other groups and individuals beyond their cabin group.
  • Any staff or volunteers who contract COVID will remain home or in isolation for the full specified period recommended by the CDC. Staff and volunteers who were in the immediate work team of an individual who contracts COVID will also be tested and continue to wear masks when in proximity to other groups or persons for one week to be sure they do not develop symptoms, also.
  • We will emphasize moving activities outdoors, which greatly reduces the risk of contracting COVID and other illnesses.

If you questions please e-mail or call us at 717.766.7395.

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