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Summer Camp

In 1962 Mount Asbury began as a summer camp for children, with tents and lodging in the Gray House. Since then the tents have disappeared and the Hotel-Style accommodations have evolved with the building of the Asbury lodge. While the places has changed the spirit has not, to nurture everyone's growth to know Him.


Our Camps


At Susquehanna Conference United Methodist Camp and Retreat Ministry we believe summer camp is extremely valuable to the spiritual, mental, and physical growth of children and youth. Every day at camp, Christian community is experienced, relationships are built, faith commitments are made, and tomorrow’s leaders are developed.

We are proud to say that all of our camp events are priced significantly under the industry average, and are comparable to other United Methodist camp programs.

PLEASE NOTE: Discounts do not apply to weekend or family events.  Discounts can be stacked.


Reasons to Send Your Child to Our Camp

  • Grow in faith –  Campers often remark that at camp they feel closer to God.
  • Spend their day being physically active –  Camp is action!
  • Make true friends –  Everyday, camp creates friendships.
  • Reconnect with nature –  Camp get kids back outside.
  • Learn social skills –  Camp builds teamwork.
  • Have time for unstructured play – At camp we play!
  • Grow more independent –  Camp helps kids develop who they are.
  • Develop life-long skills –  Camp expands every child’s abilities.
  • Unplug from technology –  Camp is real!
  • Gain resiliency –  Camp helps conquer fears.
  • Experience success and become more confident –  Camp teaches kids that they can.

Visit Us

1310 Centerville Road
Newville,  PA 17241

Directions to Mount Asbury
Map of Mount Asbury

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